Bios/βίος (2014) **NEW WORK**
The foundation of my work is built upon my fascination with microorganisms.  This fascination has found a domestic reality in my personal life. Coexisting with such organisms engages my mind and my visual thread, and I am thus able to embrace the discipline into my own practice.
When a family is created, a new entity is born, and different layers are built one above the other. These layers consist of the emotions, hopes, needs, and efforts that circulate around the new entity. As a living organism, the new environment needs warmth, nurturing, and energy to grow, as well as values to share with the new generations to come.
Microbial growth follows paths that are unpredictable and demonstrates how dynamic a true organic system is. The presence of microorganisms growing renders the piece itself into a vibrant and tangible living work. 
Archival Pigment Print in expired PDA, Petri Dish, strawberry and bread mold applied.

Archival Pigment Prints
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